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2017 Tour

Okayama Tour 2017

Go off the beaten path to explore this rich art center and home of Omachi sake rice. In addition to immersing yourself in sake tradition by meeting the brewers, this tour adds many cultural experiences very rarely seen even by locals, let alone as up close and personally as we will. You will also have time to explore the historic, artsy towns of Kurashiki and Katsuyama on your own. On the last day, soak in an open-air bath by a river deep in the snowy mountains, far from the city. Taste just pressed daiginjo for the season right at the source.

2017 Tour

Niigata Tour 2017

Learn about sake from the world’s leading expert, John Gauntner, in an intimate class setting. Maximum group size is limited to fourteen people. Visit the leading sake producing region of Niigata and its rugged, remote island–Sado. There are over 90 breweries in the prefecture, and you will have the opportunity to really get to know four brewers and the cultural heritage of each area.

Taste just pressed sake for the season right at the source and with meals.

Our Tours

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“Join our five-day excursions into the world of sake brewing, drinking, and enjoyment. Each tour features an exclusive seminar with respected expert and author, Mr. John Gaunter.“

Touring the breweries and sharing meals with the brewers will give you special insights to their lives, histories and philosophies. Enjoy sumptuous cuisine, just-pressed sake only available during the brewing season, and exploration of fantastic cultural highlights.

John Gauntner, known as the “ Sake Guy ” in Japan, is the world’s leading non-Japanese sake expert. He has published five books and written hundreds of articles on sake. He teaches a series of intensive educational sake courses in Japan and the US. He is also the only non-Japanese to function as an advisor and consultant for the Japanese government on sake promotion and the worldwide sake market.

Tour Leader Etsuko Nakamura is a Sake Samurai, Advanced Sake Professional certified by The Sake Education Council and a Government Certified Bilingual English Guide [Registration Number: EN02400].

She shares her passion for sake and food on her blog–Tokyofoodcast.com and has toured more than 130 sake breweries around Japan. She creates and leads customized tours for special interest groups.

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