“Thank you Sake Brewery Tours for showing me a sake experience of a lifetime! My love and passion for sake has grown deeper as a result of my recent adventure in Japan with you. Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of the Japanese culture as well. This was the most organized and exciting tour I’ve ever been on and I can’t thank you enough for sharing the sake world and Niigata lifestyle with us. Truly beautiful and fascinating! Arigatō,”
Kristine Kelly, Niigata Tour 2014
See Kristine’s video from the tour

“I spent quite some time living in Japan and thought I knew something about sake. But during the tour I quickly realized that I’d only taken a tiny sip from the cup of sake knowledge. So much learning, so many sakes, and some fantastic new friends in just the course of a few days. I was a wonderful experience and wonderfully photogenic trip for a photographer to be on. It’s surely made me a sake lover for life.”
Tony McNicol from UK, Okayama Tour 2014
“Time for Sake Toursim?” by Tony

“Sake Brewery Tours was one of the best trips that we have ever taken. Typically we like to travel on our own but the service that Etsuko provides is outstanding from the accommodations, breweries, food and the fabulous sake! Every detail is taken care of and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. If you like sake & onsen, this is definitely the tour for you. We had such a great time and look forward to doing other tours!”
Glen and Rochelle from Hawaii, Akita Tour 2013

“We really enjoyed traveling to Akita and Kansai with Sake Brewery Tours. We’ve traveled to Japan many times, but the sake and culinary treats we had with Etsuko were something we could not have put together ourselves. We met so many wonderful people at the breweries and we really appreciate sake even more”
Al and Emi from San Diego, Akita Tour & Kansai Tour 2013

“Even for a very well-traveled sojourner, Sake Brewery Tours organized trips that helped me discover regional Japanese culture, cuisine, and of course, sake in ways that I would never be able to arrange for myself. The small group size keeps the mood intimate and allows the organizers to take great care of guests. I look forward to each year’s exciting destinations.”
Hung from Dallas, Akita Tour 2011, San-in Tour 2012, Kansai Tour 2013, Niigata Tour 2014

Testimonial video by David from Portland, Akita Tour 2011

“I have a very nice collection of photos from the trip. I look at them and smile as I had such a wonderful experience! I truly loved the tour and felt that everything we did was valuable, educational, and enjoyable!”
Debra from San Francisco, San-in Tour 2011

“I want to tell you what a wonderful tour you put together and how much we enjoyed traveling with you. Jack and I have fallen in love with your country and its people. I hope we have the opportunity to visit again sometime!”
Dea from New York, San-in Tour 2011

“I want to send you a thank you for making the Akita trip fantastic! All your hard work paid off! We had a great time and many memories.”
Elise from Vancouver, Akita Tour 2011
Read Elise’s article in The Province about the tour

“I have just had the most amazing four days on the first Sake Brewery Tour organised by saketours.com. If you are a sake lover do yourself a favour and signup for next years tour!”
Andre Bishop, owner of Izakaya Chuji, Melbourne, Australia, San-in Tour 2010, Akita Tour 2011, Niigata Tour 2014