Sake Brewery Tours Choko-cup Photo Challenge

Do you have a choko sake cup with our logo?
We would love to see some of  your pictures from the tour or how you are enjoying sake at home.

Simply post a photo of your Sake Brewery Tours choko on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – tag it #sakebrewerytours and the winner will get a sake book by John Gauntner sensei.
First drawing on June 30.

Don’t forget tag it #sakebrewerytours

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Since 2010

Since 2010

Since our first tours in 2010, we have visited 7 regions in Japan so far. Thanks to everyone who joined our tour and who keep coming back every year, we continue to discover new wonders of the sake world.

Join our Niigata Tour in 2016 to get to know the fascinating craftsman and to taste Niigata.

New Testimonials

We have added new comments from 2014 guests at our testimonials page. Thank you both for the wonderful time! “Thank you Sake Brewery Tours for showing me a sake experience of a lifetime! My love and passion for sake has grown deeper as a result of my recent adventure in Japan with you. Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of the Japanese culture as well. This was the most organized and exciting tour I’ve ever been on and I can’t thank you enough for sharing the sake world and Niigata lifestyle with us. Truly beautiful and fascinating! Arigatō,” Kristine Kelly, Niigata Tour 2014 See Kristine’s video from the tour “I spent quite some time living in Japan and thought I knew something about sake. But during the tour I quickly realized that I’d only taken a tiny sip from the cup of sake knowledge. So much learning, so many sakes, and some fantastic new friends in just the course of a few days. I was a wonderful experience and wonderfully photogenic trip for a photographer to be on. It’s surely made me a sake lover for life.” Tony McNicol from UK, Okayama Tour 2014 “Time for Sake Toursim?” by Tony Okayama by ©Jürgen Schmücking©Jürgen Schmücking. See more pictures by Jürgen at