Kyushu Mar. 7 – 11

Sake Brewery Tours returns to Kyushu from Mar. 7th – 11th, 2016.
Visit for details. Contact us to register.

Kyushu Map

New Tour 2016

New tour 2016

As of November, Niigata Tour in 2016 is full. We are going to add Kyushu Tour (March 6 through 11) in 2016. Kyushu proved to be really fascinating sake and food destination. Stay tuned for the announcement or let us know if you want to reserve a spot.

Since 2010

Since 2010

Since our first tours in 2010, we have visited 7 regions in Japan so far. Thanks to everyone who joined our tour and who keep coming back every year, we continue to discover new wonders of the sake world.

Join our Niigata Tour in 2016 to get to know the fascinating craftsman and to taste Niigata.