About Us

About John Gaunter

John Gauntner, known as the “ Sake Guy ” in Japan, is the world’s leading non-Japanese sake expert. He has published five books and written hundreds of articles on sake. He teaches a series of intensive educational sake courses in Japan and in the US. He is also the only non-Japanese to function as an advisor and consultant for the Japanese government on sake promotion and the worldwide sake market. >Learn more at www.sake-world.com.

About Tour Leader: Etsuko Nakamura

Etsuko Nakamura is a Sake Samurai, Advanced Sake Professional certified by The Sake Education Council and a Government Certified Bilingual English Guide [Registration Number: EN02400]. She shares her passion for sake and food on her blog–Tokyofoodcast.com and has toured more than 130 sake breweries around Japan. She creates and leads customized tours for special interest groups. >Please visit enakamura.net for more information.

About Michi Travel

Michi Travel Japan is the specialist in providing inspiring travel experiences in Japan for sophisticated travelers around the world. License No: Tokyo Metropolitan Government: 2-5867 >Please visit Michi Travel Japan for more information.