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2016 Destination – Niigata

We have received overwhelming inquiries about our 2016 tour plan.
Thank you for your patience.
We are still working out the details, but in 2016, Sake Brewery Tours travel to Niigata.
2016 destinations niigata map

Niigata Tour Schedule:
Sunday, Feb 28 – The group stays at the designated hotel in Tokyo.
Monday, Feb 29 – We will start the tour early morning with a sake lecture in Tokyo. Then travel to Niigata.
Friday, March 6 – We will finish the tour in Niigata around 4:00 pm. You are free to continue your travel in Niigata or travel back to Tokyo with the group.

Wine Enthusiast has a great article on Niigata sake to let you take a peek into where we visit with our Niigata tour.
Or see the video of some of the unforgettable sake moments we shared on our previous tour.

Please contact us to reserve a spot!