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Kyushu Tour – Registration Closed

Kojima SohontenThank you to everyone who signed up for our Kyushu Tour. We have a full group, so registration is closed. But, if you are interested in traveling with us in 2015, please consider our Tohoku Tour for sake adventure in the snow country. Also, please email us to be contacted in case a spot opens up for Kyushu. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yamagata – Toko Sake Museum

Part of this beautiful SK-II ad was filmed at Toko Sake Museum in Yonezawa, Yamagata. With 2015 Tohoku Tour, in addition to the visit to Toko’s brewery, we will visit this museum where the ad was filmd. The brewer will tell you behind the scenes stories and show you the wonders of stage art. Aside from the sake scenes, I was amazed by the scene with a temple on the cliff and thought is is something they made up. The temple actually exists in Yamagata and you can visit there except for the winter snow season. Information about yamadera in Japanese
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current brewery at Toko ©Sake-Toko Ltd.