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IMG_4035 Take a look at this beautiful video of whole life cycle of sake from planting rice all the way to pressing. Chikurin is one of the most beautiful breweries I visited. Visit Chikurin in Okayama with us on January 28, 2014 with Sake Brewery Tours. The day is filled with activities even locals do not have access to. Try plowing the rice field at Chikurin, try sizzling oysters at a pop up oyster joint, then enjoy a private Shiki-Hocho knife ceremony at dinner. Visit our Okayama Tour Itinerary Page.

Geisha Performance in Niigata

In Niigata, Geigi is the correct name for Geisha. Sake Brewery Tours to Niigata welcome dinner on Feb. 17 gives you a taste of the old elite society of Niigata with exquisite local cuisine, sake, and Geisha dance performance. Take a peek at the Geigi performance in the old quarter of Niigata. Music of this video is pretty loud. So, don’t be startled when you start to play.